Winter Flight

This winter season has been a good one for watching Canadian geese fly over.

They fly in large and small groups. When you hear their familiar honking, your eyes take you skyward. Most often, the camera is not in hand. If you do have the camera in hand, you would rather watch – especially if they’re flying low and overhead.

Unfortunately, they do not keep “regular hours” or a “regular flight path” when you’re ready to snap a few photos. When you think you are ready, the geese have flown by. Other times, it is happenstance of the good kind to capture them in flight. Even at a distance or in a blur.


3 thoughts on “Winter Flight

  1. Your post brings back wonderful memories of growing up near the Chesapeake Bay. Now when I see the occasional fly-over here in Georgia, I always give a fond salute! Wonderful shots, love the last one.

    • I’m very glad this post brought back fond memories for you. Chesapeake Bay is one of those places I’ve wanted to visit. You learn about all these places in 4th grade geography, and you put that on a “vacation” list.

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