Canine Games

They are quite impressive in what they do. Just like their equine counterparts, they navigate a course of fences but with a tunnel and a couple of ladders included. In many ways, they’re hunter/jumpers of the canine kind.

cattle dog clearing a medium fence


German Shepherd clears a high fence


While they may be doing what comes natural to a dog, running and jumping, it’s different in that they are being timed. With plenty of treats, kisses and hugs at the end.

Though they do not attract huge audiences at the National Western, those who do watch, cheer and applaud each dog for their agility, speed and good-naturedness.


4 thoughts on “Canine Games

  1. I love canine agility! I was out with my dog today and he pulled off a double jump ending in a frisbee catch! They are amazing animals. I tried out the GoPro fetch attachment on him so I am hoping to post the video tomorrow 🙂

    • I think they did have (or are having) a competition, or two, with little dogs – not quite sure. At the stock show, there’s so much to see.

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