Busy Practice Day

To say it was a busy practice day would be an understatement. Meeting up with the girls, early this morning, at Bella’s home on the far southeast corner of the Denver Metro area, we trailered the horses to the Rustler practice facility. They had full run of the covered practice area until the early afternoon. It was a good opportunity to practice without having to worry too much about the outdoor elements.

This morning’s practice was also an opportunity for Mark and Trish to evaluate how the girls and horses were doing. Though many videos of their practice sessions have been sent to Mark and Trish for review, this is the first time where Deborah, Elizabeth and Tara are managing their entire off-season training program alone. Training without any coaching, Mark and Trish believe it is one of those essential skills a professional equestrian needs. What has impressed Mark and Trish the most, it is the take-charge, self-starter mindset of the girls.

If practice is an indicator of what the competition may be, it promises to be an exciting weekend at the NWSS.


About the photo

That’s Candace (Happy Girl) having her premium hay breakfast this morning.



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