National Western Weather

It’s January. There’s snow and ice on the ground. And, it’s cold.

the cleaned driveway


In Colorado, it means the annual National Western Stock Show has begun.

Weather-wise, the stock show is not always besieged by wintry conditions during its two week run in Denver. There have been pleasant days during the stock show, sandwiched in between the colder days. There have been instances when the show has been played out in good weather, by January standards, during the entire run.

This year seems to be no different. A fairly decent Saturday, when the stock show began. And, a decent half-day yesterday, before the arrival of another round of winter. The weather is expected to improve nicely on Wednesday under sunny skies and warming temperatures. Until then, it’ll be a mix of intermittent snow, fog and freezing drizzle.

the fog rolls in


Another Sad Moment

We say farewell to another feline friend. Our friends, John and Pat in Pennsylvania, said goodbye to their beloved Miss Caitie-Belle. She was their “Calico Diva”.


They were privileged to have Miss Caitie for 17½ years, an extraordinary time of many good memories, of a good cat.


Photo credit Miss Caitie is courtesy of John Moore.


6 thoughts on “National Western Weather

  1. David, I like how accepting you are of the weather. No drama (I tend to make the highs and lows of the barometric pressure a bit of a production) and you always calmly look at the bright side. I would like to see you get a little fired up about it once in a while, for instance, “IT SNOWED 3 FEET AND I LOST MY FAVORITE BOOTS IN A SNOW BANK, I AM MISERABLE!!!” Then we could all console you and remind you that shopping for new boots can be a nice way to spend the afternoon. (You know I’m just kidding of course, being a melodramatic type like me can be a little stressful. For everybody.) Take care and keep on keeping on!!
    P.S. So very sorry to hear about the passing of Miss Caitie. 17 1/2 years! I’m sure there are many happy stories her family has to share about her. She had beautiful eyes.

    • Miss Caitie belonged to good friends. It’s been a difficult few months for them losing two of their kitties after having them for so long.

      We’re expected to warm up over the weekend. I’ll be looking forward to that.

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