Easy Like Sunday

More like busy rather than easy.



It’s very important to catch every bit of morning sunshine before the winter storm arrives tonight.


7 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday

  1. Oh, this weather!! Our son had to drive 8 hours north back to school trying to beat an ice storm yesterday. He made it with an hour to spare. We were glued to the radar the entire time…parenting never gets easier, does it. Hope you had a nice weekend, and that your storm is gentle!

    • As they say, it’s January and it’s winter. 🙂
      Glad your son arrived safely. There are time you want to do the driving for them, but it’s darn good experience for them to drive in changing, and poor, weather.

      • All I could think of was the first time I felt our family car take a slide on the ice. I slammed on the brakes of course, and ended up in the ditch. It’s the loss of control that I remember, and I learned a lot from that experience. And I still never hear the end of it from my family, even though it was years ago! I’m sure you have similar stories to tell, living with the capricious weather conditions of Colorado.

        • I’ve had two slides, with one ending on the side of the road (pre-cellphone days). Keeping a distance from other drivers regardless of road conditions is my practice – they can be rather unpredictable. You may want to read this post to know what I mean.

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