Hail and Farewell: Derby, The Sassy Cat

When we established our cat blog, Cat Crossings in January 2006, among our first visitors was a handsome ginger cat by the name of Derby. Though he had another name, he was renamed Derby, having been adopted on Kentucky Derby Day in May 2005. One of the earliest cat blogs, Derby had a following among the small group in this category at the time.

Derby was a precocious cat, but he would be better described as being inquisitive. His mom would say Derby was sassy, hence his moniker as “the sassy cat”. His adventures were many in his indoor kingdom. Derby surveyed his vast holdings from on high. While the refrigerator made sense on certain occasions, the dining room table was much more preferable – closer to the action.

In February 2010, Derby was joined by another ginger cat. Though not keen on his new housemate, Derby accepted Ducky, making clear he, Derby, was the cat-in-charge. They had their share of adventures, watching birds and squirrels, and fast-action play. Occasionally, they went outdoors in a safety enclosure. His favorite spot, though, was by the sliding door.

The “window to the floor” has to be a cat’s dream, the perfect watching place. And, Derby had it.

Like many cats, Christmas was his favorite holiday. Wrapping paper, bows and boxes. Better yet, trying to determine if his presents had the scent of catnip. This past Christmas was no different.

We bid a fond farewell to our friend, Derby, The Sassy Cat. May he rest, nap and play well in the company of cats, saints and the “Big J”.

To read more about Derby and Ducky, please visit here.


Photos courtesy of Derby, The Sassy Cat.


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