Christmas List: A Special Order

Growing up, my sister, Ginny, and I had our Christmas wish lists. We used the Sears “Christmas Wish Book” catalog to assemble our respective lists. The only overlap we had was when they included a board game or two. Of course, clothes did not make it onto any of our lists. Similarly, Deborah and Elizabeth had their lists when they were young. When they became interested in equestrian, their lists changed a bit to reflect that interest.

Not on anyone’s Christmas list, by any stretch of the imagination, was shopping for a new car. Two weeks ago, Andrea’s Nissan Sentra was side-swiped on the interstate and rolled. The resulting damage to her car was considerable. Gladly, Andrea, Laurie and the girls weren’t driving. The other driver, they kept on going. They should’ve felt the shudder from the side swipe, but then a lot of drivers are oblivious to many things while driving. Insurance will cover most of the cost of replacing Andrea’s car.

already missed – Andrea’s Sentra in better days


Andrea considered other possibilities, but decided another Sentra was for her. Like the previous one, it’ll be a special order with regard to the build and option packages she wants installed. Andrea will accept delivery in about three weeks.


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