Photographic Puzzle


With the long Thanksgiving (USA) weekend beginning later this afternoon, a photographic puzzle to ponder between football, turkey, treats, online shopping, etc.


What is it? A darn good astronomical photo from my telescope? A sprinkling of salt or sugar on a black surface? A night-time shot through an iced-over window? Or, is it something else?

You may leave an answer(s) in a comment. Conversely, you can wait for the solution that will be given next Tuesday, Dec 02, 2014.


Update: The solution to the puzzle is that it’s an ice pattern on the window. The illumination is from an outdoor yard light. Cheers to Carlos and Lori who submitted their guess in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Photographic Puzzle

  1. Hmmm, stars, I don’t think so. It seems that a strong light was shined on the photo, as there are quite strong highlights. It has a distribution that could mean some crystals (salt or sugar) were dropped on a surface, but I can’t see the faintest hint of a reflection on the surface, so, no not crystals. I’d say it is ice on a glass pane 🙂

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