Election Day

It is Election Day.

It’s much different in Colorado this time around. It is an all mail ballot. Though a first, it does not preclude in-person voting. The traditional, precinct voting location has been replaced by polling centers. Another first is same-day, new voter registration. It is this new wrinkle that has raised concerns of possible vote fraud. A new voter registering on election day does not have to provide proof of identity or furnish a valid street address. The legality of same-day voter registrants will be determined after the election. Will illegal votes be cast under the new voting system? Most likely. In the presidential election, two years ago, over 10,000 votes were illegally cast here in Colorado. Though the illegal votes didn’t change the outcome of the various races, in close races, as suggested this year, it could make a difference.

This is the first election for my daughter, Elizabeth, to cast a vote, the second for Deborah and Tara. The political ads and mailers haven’t had any effect on how they are voting. They know their own minds and their own values, which is good.