All Hallows Eve

The moonlight danced between the clouds drifting across the darkened night sky and barren tree limbs. The leaves rustled in the light breeze. Occasionally, a plaintive cat’s meow could be heard from the shadows.

Daddy, wait,“asked Midnight cat.

Of course, sweetie.


Is the kitty meowing a black cat?” she asked.

I don’t know. I suppose it could be,” I answered.

Can you make it some other kind of cat? As you know, I’m the only black cat in the world and I don’t live outside.


Occasionally, a plaintive cat’s meow could be heard from the shadows. It wasn’t likely a black cat, because she lived indoors. I hurried my pace. Undoubtedly, someone, or something, was following from behind. Then, I saw the light in the window, at my destination. As I drew closer on the walk, the light did not look inviting. It had a rather ominous pattern to it.


It’s probably Mr. Ed’s tail,” Maxie said with a giggle. “It’s the same color.

Elizabeth gave Maxie “the look”, as he slinked down with a smile.

Just then, the door creaked open. I had no choice but go to the door. From inside, I heard a creepy voice. “Come in,” it said.

I replied I had made a mistake, saying I was on the wrong block. “Too bad,” the creepy voice said, “you would’ve done fine.” Not wanting to know what was meant, I hurried home. All Hallows Eve was a night to stay home.


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