Another year, it’s time to celebrate a long-lasting marriage. My parents celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary today. If you were to ask them what is the “secret” to a long marriage, they’d probably say there’s nothing special. Undoubtedly, there is considerable truth and wisdom in that answer.

This evening, we’ll gather to celebrate with good food and drink. We’ll marvel about how nice the weather has been for a third year in a row, with sunny skies and seasonal temperatures, as October draws to a close. There’ll be plenty of laughter, with an occasional “what are you talking about” moment sprinkled in.


Taking dinner on the back deck, under a quarter moon, may be a bit chilly. Besides, we don’t want any uninvited reptiles coming for a warm-up visit. So, it’ll be an indoor affair.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad, with many, many more to come.


8 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Wow, a 61st wedding anniversary! That is really something special. Congratulations and good wishes to your parents!

  2. Your parents may be wrong about one thing: There really is something special about being married 61 years. It takes considerable love, patience, tolerance, and companionship to see it through. We celebrate our 47th this year, and we hope to make it to the milestone your parents are celebrating. Congrats to them!

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