“I can still feel the breeze
That rustles through the trees
And misty memories of days gone by”


They drift gently downward to the ground, and crunch when stepped upon. Along with the vibrant colors, this adds to the charm of the fall season.



Whether you have trees, or not, leaves are quite adept at covering the ground and sidewalks. They always find a way into the house, and gather in the least expected of places.


If there is anything we miss, it is the burning of leaves. Growing up, that was one of the traditions of the fall season. It went away in the mid-1960s in our part of Colorado. It wasn’t like anyone set their yard or house on fire by accident, but our county government implied as much. In the late 1990s, someone down the street had decided to burn the leaves that deeply covered his yard. His fire did briefly get away from him, but he put it out with his water hose. The scent of those burnt leaves did waft through the neighborhood. It likely reminded a few of us of the old days of fall.


*Lyrics at the top of the post is from the song “How Do You Mend A Broken Heart” by the Bee Gees.


2 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. Yes, the smell of burning leaves is a distinct, and happy childhood memory. Maybe it was a signal that once the trees were bare, Christmas wasn’t too far behind. Nice post, David!

    • Yes, the smell was special. Amanda, over at the JN Ranch, said they’ll be burning leaves late in the afternoon there. We’ll probably stay longer to experience it.

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