The Gotcha Day

Nine years ago, a certain young tabby girl became the chosen one. Her fact sheet said she was an active (read: high energy) cat, has a fondness for wood and carpet, very social, and a purr machine. She is indeed all of that and more.

in the first hour at home, with Dino watching from behind


Dino, my 16 year old Siamese boy didn’t know what to make of her. He was likely thinking, “nice to meet her acquaintance, but when is she going back.” For the remainder of that day, and late into the night, Miss Egypt investigated every square inch of the house. She was satisfied when all had been investigated.

relaxing on the bed


Though she wanted to play with him, Dino did not take kindly to Egypt’s aggressive style of play. Nonetheless, they developed a bond of sorts. He waited for her to come home from her vet visits. She sort of watched over him. Not a snuggly pair, they were good at sharing the various sleeping spots around the house.

Egypt sleeping on the office chair


Happy Gotcha Day, Little Miss!


About the photos

Not the best of shots, these were taken with an APS film camera. Probably a good idea, as a camera type, it didn’t last long.


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