We remember our beautiful girl, Pebbles, who passed away nine years ago today.

relaxing under the “tree”, June 1993


From the moment she arrived, as an eight-week old kitten in October 1989, Pebbles was a devoted girl. Her devotion was unbounded. When it came to bedtime, Pebbles had to sleep on the pillow next to me. Andrea understood the sleeping arrangement when I married her. It was one of those things. After a while, Pebbles consented to let Andrea to sleep closer. She had a new task – kittens to watch over. The kittens, of course, were Deborah and Elizabeth. She was a dutiful assistant to Andrea.

with her leopard print, leather handbag, September 1993


When it was time, Pebbles was very understanding. Her eyes were bright; they were warm. Most strikingly, her force of personality remained to the end.

Occasionally, we’ve had glimpses of her out of the corner of the eye. Those glimpses, however, have become fewer the past couple of years. Yet, her familiar lean in bed can be felt.

Though we miss Pebbles terribly, we miss the days and nights we had with her. Her purrs. Her wet nose, in the ear, at wake-up time. We were privileged and blest to have Pebbles as part of our family for over 16 years.


Love you always,

mom and dad


Photos from the archives of Two Cats Two, our former personal cat website.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I lost my Taz one month ago. He was 17. Your words were comforting to me.

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