Return of The Huntress


She’s beautiful. She’s smart. She’s sweet and exceedingly quick.
All hail the mighty huntress!

Last week, the girls were ready to head to campus for a long day of classes. Blocking their way at the back door was Miss Egypt. She was intently watching the floor next to the door jamb. Deborah leaned forward to see what Egypt was looking and poking at. The tabby girl had cornered a garter snake.

The snake had to go. Elizabeth reached into her backpack, pulled out her folding knife and gave it to Deborah. In the meantime, Tara scooped up Egypt and they stood back at a safe distance. Deborah poked at the snake, who was no match for the razor sharp, carbon-fiber blade. Taking the snake on the kitty litter scoop, she went into the backyard and flipped it into the alley.

Before leaving, the girls gave Egypt the highest of high praise and kisses.

Hail the mighty huntress!