Riding The Storm

Already running 30 minutes late, last Thursday, we left Atlanta in the sunset twilight. During his welcome aboard introduction, the captain said our late departure was caused by some heavy weather that we would encounter about halfway through the flight. He hoped we wouldn’t be bounced around too much as we navigate our way through the storm front.

The flight was rather quiet, about half full. Looking out the window, you could see lightning in the distance. It was not long afterward we began to feel the buffet of winds that accompanied the storm. Soon, the flashes of lightning seemed to be everywhere, especially the cloud-to-cloud kind.

Each bolt of lightning illuminated the thunderstorm clouds. There were towering clouds, others that appeared to be boiling up from below. Combined with the darkness of the night sky, the way ahead seemed very foreboding. It was quite apparent the captain and co-pilot was weaving us around the roughest weather. About 45 minutes later, we were clear of the stormy weather.

Arriving an hour and 15 minutes late, it appears we weren’t diverted into the “Twilight Zone”. At least, I don’t think so. A couple of things, though, do seem to be “off” a little.


2 thoughts on “Riding The Storm

  1. Whoa! What an amazing shot…thank goodness for radar, right? I’m a bit jealous that you were on a flight that was only half full (although maybe they bailed when they checked the weather forecast!)

    • I’m not too lucky on taking pictures of lightning. Most of the time, either I’m too quick or too slow on the shutter. I was surprised the flight was half full also. The other times I’ve been on this flight, there were may be one or two unoccupied seats.

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