Late Summer Calls

After a one-day encounter with winter last week, our weather has been decidedly on the summery side this week. Grasshoppers, in their plentiful numbers, hop about everywhere in the yard. Crickets, also in plentiful numbers, work their sounds from early afternoon into the wee hours of early morning. The bees, in good numbers, continue to busily gather nectar. Thoughts of fall are relatively few.

The sedum in our garden has changed into its crimson red, signifying the fall season is arriving.





Colors of Fall

In the Colorado high country, the colors of fall have been taking hold. This weekend, and next, mountain vistas will be cloaked in gold. In the lower elevations, the fall colors will appear in earnest by mid-October.


One thought on “Late Summer Calls

  1. I was just thinking about doing a sedum post, too. The bees *love* it! Thanks for sharing & please enjoy this autumnal break because we know what’s coming our way all too soon. (Yes, starts with an “S” and ends with “W”!) 😉

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