It was a thoroughly autumn-like beginning of the day, with crisp temperatures under crystal clear skies. And, a chance to skip Sunday Mass for a half-day of horse riding, it couldn’t be better.

For Elizabeth, turning 19, today, fits her just fine. And, the new riding boots fit just fine.


If the last pair are a benchmark, the new pair should wear equally as well. And, to finish the look, a pair of new spurs also.

It was an easy morning ride and walk of the horses, with the girls chatting what they chat about. No worries about training schedules. And, no worries about the weather raining out her birthday dinner out.

With Elizabeth becoming 19, she has grown-up so nicely and so quickly. Andrea and I see her as the second precious bundle we were blessed to have. In the quiet of the moment, Elizabeth continues to slip her hand into ours to hold.


Happy 19, baby one!

mom and dad


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