The hunters …

Miss Susie, Princess Hunter


Maxie the Brave


Tuxie the Brave


A deluge of rain came quickly late Monday afternoon, leaving two inches of rain and some hail. Occasionally, a few critters are washed out – all seeking to find a dry, hiding spot to wait out the rain. One or two, very slow to return to their outdoor surroundings, overstay their hiding spots. Not a good idea by any measure. The slowpoke last night was a small garter snake. It didn’t take long for the snake to be surrounded by three cats. Miss Susie, Maxie and Tuxie took turns poking at their prey.

It likely didn’t survive its closer inspection by Miss Susie. When it was Maxie’s turn, the snake was already belly-up and quite still. Tuxie was satisfied with a final sniff and poke.