The Homefront

The Unexpected

It’s one of those instances that is unplanned. Moreover unexpected. A costly unexpected.

On the second day in Iowa, I received a semi-panicked call from Andrea. There was a leak on the water service line coming into the house. She was able to see water bubbling up from the ground. The water company already had come and turned off the water. If there was a positive, there was no leaking in the crawl space section of the basement and no dampness on the basement wall closest to the leak. I told Andrea to go ahead on the plumbing repair. The plumbing company that we use doesn’t do any kind of in-ground repair, but they did recommend an excavation plumber who did the kind of work that needed to be done. Andrea set up the repair appointment for early the next morning. The excavation plumber kindly rearranged his work schedule to fit us in first since the water to the house was off.

The next day was pretty miserable. It had rained most of the night, and more rain was expected throughout the day. Andrea thanked the excavation plumber for rearranging his schedule. After three hours of work, he found the source of the leak and repaired it. It was located four inches from the foundation, under the front porch.

1 – the new repair, 4 inches from the foundation wall
2 – the previous repair, circa 1980


If it weren’t for the crappy weather, it would have certainly drawn the curiosity of the handful of little kids in the neighborhood. They would watch, with awe, the excavator at work.


If Laurie didn’t have an operation scheduled for that morning, she would’ve watched. Instead, Andrea did the watching. She commented to the plumber it’s the type of thing you don’t see in nursing school.

By noon, all was fixed and the water running without any leak. The excavating plumber did say the next time it leaks, the entire service line will need to be replaced.


Birthday Greetings

My dad is celebrating his 84th birthday today. A lover of desserts, he is in good health and in good spirits. And, still sly with his wit. Longevity runs very long in his family, so there’s many more years ahead.

Laurie’s coconut, butter-cream cake should hit the spot nicely.