We remember our handsome boy, Dino, who passed away six years ago today.

late night, April 2008


Always a happy boy from the very second he came into our home as a six-week old kitten in October 1989, Dino was a special delight his entire life. You wondered how he could take up most of the bed as a little kitten. It took awhile adjusting to the sliver of bed he gave. When I married Andrea, Dino and Pebbles left us with so little bed space. But, we adjusted. When Deborah and Elizabeth were born, Dino made a special effort to inhale all of their baby freshness. He couldn’t get enough.

morning solitude, June 2008


When the day came to say goodbye, Dino signaled it was time with his blue eyes. They were bright. They were warm. They were understanding. Like every other day.

Occasionally, a swish of his tail can be seen from the corner of the eye. Or, his familiar jump into bed can be felt.

Though we miss Dino terribly, it is not of sadness but of missing the days and nights he spent with us. His purr. His extra close snuggle in bed. We were privileged and blest to have Dino as part of our family for nearly 19 years.


Love you always,

mom and dad



Photos from the archives of Two Cats Two, our former personal cat website.