Hot Nights

It has made for some hot nights between the sheets.

The remnant humidity from afternoon and early evening thunderstorms have made for some sticky, uncomfortable sleeping since last Friday. While strong afternoon and evening rains are not unusual during the summer monsoon season, the lingering humidity is unusual. Most of the time, the humidity drops off rather quickly after a rain. The lingering humidity simply sets the stage for the next round of storms later in the day, or storms for the next day.

a gathering storm


distant storm and scud clouds at sunset


clouds in the fading light before sunset


In the right kind of light, very imposing thunderstorm clouds can become beautifully colored at sunset.



The heaviest rain was on Saturday. Heavy rains fell in the late afternoon and early evening, with a lighter rain continuing for the most of the night. It made for an interesting challenge for my daughters on Sunday morning.

Tara riding Brie through some standing water at the JN Ranch


Much of the ponding has largely receded, making for soggy and muddy ground.

After heavy rains earlier this afternoon, the humidity has begun to build once again. It’ll make for another hot night between the sheets.


Photo credit

Tara riding through the water with Brie taken by Deborah using her Blackberry Bold.


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  1. Is it possible that the sky is bigger where you live? Seems that way…and more beautiful than the rest of the country.
    …and the Blackberry Bold takes a wonderful picture, but really I think the credit should go to Deborah!

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