On Deck

While in SoCal with the girls, the following was recounted during our evening phone call check-in …

The moms, Laurie and Andrea, decided to treat themselves to a nice dinner on the back deck. The grill was fired, ready for a pair of beautiful steaks. A nicely set table. A golden sunset on its way. Most importantly, no bugs.

They relaxed in their chairs, waiting for their grilling steaks. A shriek from Andrea. “Jesus Christ, there’s a snake under the deck!” Sure enough, a garter snake was poking its head out between the deck planks.

Laurie, a reformed tomboy, grabbed the nearby garden hoe. “Come out, you little s***! You’re not going to have us take everything back inside and ruin our dinner.” Apparently, the harsh language scared off the snake. Nothing slithered out from under the deck.

The rest of their evening was uneventful. The best part was enjoying their after-dinner margaritas while watching the sunset.


Since the incident, three weeks ago, no garter snakes have been sighted.


*”Too bad,” said Miss Egypt to the other cats. “I would have vanquished it quickly.” She had quickly dispatched a garter snake that inadvertently found its way into the greenhouse on a late September night in 2011.



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    • If I was home, we would have to play rock-paper-scissors for the garden hoe. But, I suspect Laurie would’ve found a way to win that as well.

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