Another Twenty

This morning was a perfect start to a summer day. A beautiful, clear sky. A morning coolness. It made for an excellent start to another training day, which made for a steady and crisp morning session.

Like the perfect start to the day, it was a perfect beginning for Tara’s twentieth birthday. Her new riding boots, another piece to complement her equestrian wardrobe.


Like her two sisters, a coordinated appearance in saddlery and attire is a considered must. All coordinated to showcase the horse. Call it, “Dress For Success, Equestrian Style”.

This afternoon’s practice session was equally steady and crisp, though an eye was kept on the sky for gathering thunderstorm clouds moving off the mountains. Any rain, though, won’t ruin tonight’s dinner out. If it does rain, the long rider look will make another summertime appearance.

In becoming 20, Tara is very much a pleasant and beautiful young lady. All of that credit goes to her mom, Laurie. She has fit in nicely with Deborah and Elizabeth. It is like she has always belonged. Like her mom, Tara is strong-willed yet sweet. And, she will surprise most unexpectedly – like calling Andrea, mom, on occasion. Always a maker of smiles.


Happy Birthday, young lady!


mom and dad


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