The day started on the dark and rainy side. It’s the kind of weather Deborah seems to favor. Much can be accomplished, whether it be inside or outside. Though it made for a rather sloppy training session, this morning, it was a good one for my daughters in their estimation.

For Deborah, it was a perfect start in celebrating her twentieth birthday. And, the new rubber boots filled the bill.


Her other rubber boots were wearing thin on the sole. It should make cleaning the stalls for Comet and Captain Andrew easier, and not worrying about her boots springing a leak.

The afternoon half of today’s training was equally as good, if not better with the sun shining brightly. Hopefully it won’t rain for tonight’s dinner out. If it does, it’ll be the long rider look. But, a certain someone may like it very much.

Her turning 20, it doesn’t make Deborah more “grown-up”. She’s still that precious bundle Andrea and I welcomed on this June day in 1994. Deborah still slips her hand into ours, to hold, on occasion. And, while she’s rather confident and self-assured, Deborah still needs her tight hugs on a regular basis.


Happy 20, baby girl!

mom and dad


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