Training Days

With a short turnaround period before the next pair of shows, the tempo of the training sessions have stepped up considerably.  It’s rather fitting that it begins on a fairly hot day (low 90s). After a long day on the saddle, the girls are covered with dust. The polo shirts they started the day with have been quickly shed in favor of tank tops.


Their boots, covered with dust and dried-on dirt.


While the horses love the dirt and grime, they look forward to a wash down at the end of the day.


It’ll start again early tomorrow morning.


Photos –

  • Tara jumping Cameron over a fence.
  • Elizabeth standing next to Comet.
  • Candace receiving a shower from Deborah.

2 thoughts on “Training Days

  1. You and the girls are still in Texas? It is HOT there, what a change from the ups and downs of Colorado weather. Beautiful shots, I hope the shows go well!

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