Film Flashback: San Francisco

My mom had always wanted to go there. She had passed through SF, on her way to Colorado, after leaving Honolulu, where she was born and grew up.

The day-long drive from LA was a rainy and cool one. The sun broke through in the late afternoon as we arrived at our hotel on Fisherman’s Wharf. Our three-day tour of the Bay Area, in 1972, was a jam-packed one, taking in the sights with our trusty guidebook and map in hand.

northbound, Golden Gate Bridge


The centerpiece of our trip was the morning-long, ferry tour of the Bay Area.



Alcatraz Island


It took us awhile, but we found Lombard St, the winding street.


Like many places, the Bay Area has changed considerably in the intervening years. Certainly, the cars have changed. Forty years has a way of doing that.

For stunning views of the Bay Area, Elisa Ruland has a set of beautiful photos of her walk across the Golden Gate Bridge here, and views from the East Bay area here.

6 thoughts on “Film Flashback: San Francisco

  1. These photographs are amazing David, and they scanned so well. One of the first things I noticed is how much less congested the city is, which adds to the natural beauty of the shots. Great story. We had the identical station wagon when I was a teeny girl. (Barely born, I was so young 😉 )

    1. We were a bit surprised by the lack of traffic on the Golden Gate. We found out later most of the commuter traffic was on the Bay Bridge and from south of SF. I was surprised how well the slides scanned. Sometimes, it can be a mixed bag. You mean you’re not 19? 😉

  2. I love that drive so much that I cannot count how many times I’ve driven up and down it, lovely shot…

    1. Thank you. There are a lot of what I call “iconic” drives in the Bay Area and up-and-down the coast. The one I really want to do is Bixby Bridge.

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