Grazing the Snow

The snowy, spring weather didn’t matter. Their grass was plenty tall. Their lean-to structures nearby, shelter from the snow and wind.


Four inches of snow and two days later, these angus had made their way to their springtime grazing range. After the sort is completed in early June, they’ll spend their days on the summer grazing range until late October.


About the photo

Taken at the JN Ranch, in April 2014, these angus are part of the core livestock. The core livestock consist of mom cows and the still growing, younger cattle, 2½ years and younger. Their winter range is closer to several of the ranch buildings, which makes it easier to monitor, and care for, them during the winter months and early spring. The remainder of the cattle herd is located on another larger section of the ranch used as a winter range. They, too, have their lean-to’s for shelter, and a wireless station to monitor their weather.


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  1. BTW, we had a “cold” snap after 80 degree weather this week and folks back here were going around saying, “at least we don’t have any of that snow like in Colorado”! Hang in there!!!

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