Snow Covered

Winter made an unwelcomed return yesterday. Snow. A brutal cold, north wind.

blowing in the wind


wind blown


layered in snow


snow-covered apple blossoms


Winter continues today, with the same brutal cold, north wind and a few, stray snowflakes. While tonight will bring another freeze warning, the weather is expected to moderate tomorrow and Wednesday. On Thursday, it’ll be mid-May weather … just in time for mid-May.


6 thoughts on “Snow Covered

    • Glad you liked the photos.

      The snow isn’t so bad since it’s not very unusual to get it in May. The cold temperatures, however, is the unusual aspect. Overnight temps in mid-20s (F) is a rarity in May.

    • I live on the Colorado Front Range. Springtime, our weather is very changeable in the winter into spring transition. If the cold front has enough cold air in it, we can have snow.

  1. As I was saying earlier….I do like stormy weather! May is pushing it a little bit, however, and I am concerned about the extremes lately. I hope the warm temps have returned for you.

    • We’re ready for the warm. But, in Colorado, this is rather normal. Though you may be ready for the warm, especially in the springtime, you learn not to put away your winter clothing.

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