Apple Blossoms

This spring, the apple tree belonging to our neighbor, Angela, is loaded with blossoms. Much more than last spring.




Barring a late, hard freeze, Angela and her family may have another bumper crop of apples.


4 thoughts on “Apple Blossoms

    • Fruit trees, here on the Colorado Front Range, are a bit unpredictable – mostly due to our variable weather in the spring. You can have loads of blossoms, but the fruit doesn’t mature fully or you can have no fruit at all.

      Though Angie uses a small portion of the apples from her tree, we ask if we can have some to take to the horses. She’s very agreeable on that – pick as much or as little we want.

  1. You’re very lucky David! The reports from the farm belt are awful this year because of the harsh, long-lasting winter. Our SC peach crop is ruined in the south and will be far less plentiful in the north. I guess Denver’s trees are more used to cold winters LOL. Lovely shots – enjoy the apples!

    • Fruit trees are rather unpredictable here in CO. It can flower a lot in the spring, then no to very little fruit in the late summer and fall.

      It’s too bad about the SC peach crop. Having a peach tree in our garden, we know it’s very sensitive to the cold.

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