Elizabeth’s practice saddle …


While working on a practice course yesterday afternoon, Lilith decided to refuse a fence she had no problem with earlier in the day. Lilith stopped, Elizabeth didn’t – flying over the fence. She wasn’t hurt, though Elizabeth laid on the ground for a few seconds talking to Lilith about the refusal. Laurie gave her a quick concussion test, which she passed. Andrea wanted our daughter to call it a day as Elizabeth remounted Lilith to finish the practice. They restarted the course from the beginning, cleanly clearing the offending fence. A big smile and kiss by Elizabeth to Lilith for a run well done. And, a couple of apples as well.

Elizabeth was no worse for wear this morning before heading to school.


10 thoughts on “Saddle

  1. I’m envisioning the horizontal heart to heart between rider and horse, and it’s quite endearing! I’m glad she was okay (as is Lilith, I’m sure!)
    Beautiful photograph.

    • Thank you.

      It’s a heart-stopping moment, though not the first time “falling” off the horse. The girls are very much one with their horses when they’re riding and around them. There is an especially strong connect between Elizabeth and Lilith, it’s like they’re on the same wavelength.

      So, how are you doing?

      • I’m doing well, thank you….tired! I never expected us to be following our daughter around the country to watch her play lacrosse. Her Freshman year is just about over, that means only 3 more left. I know you feel the same helplessness of not being able to stop the clock, especially when it comes to your family. Enjoy every moment, right?

        • I know what you mean. This coming summer is going to be a busy one for us. Two weeks here, two weeks there with different equestrian events, and some home time in between. We hope to enjoy the experience.

  2. You’ve done such beautiful lighting treatments to this saddle. I really love what you’ve made available by the lighting setup. Would love to see a follow-up post and BTS image from this shoot.

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