Morning Coffee

The day always begins with a good mug of coffee, preferably a Kona Blend. On rare occasion, Royal Kona.


And, the day always begin early.

Laurie, a practicing surgeon, keeps doctors’ hours. She can go to bed late, around midnight, but is up by 4:00 am. By the time I’m up an hour later, she’s done a mile on the treadmill, showered, has read the overnight notes on her patients still in hospital, and finished half of the coffee. By 5:30 am, Laurie and Andrea are talking about the day’s schedule, which patient needs extra care, and the like … over the other half of the coffee with their breakfast. By 6:00 am, another pot of coffee has been brewed. The morning care of the cats has been done, all before my first taste of coffee. The girls are beginning their morning routine.

When it’s equestrian time over the weekends, or everyday during the summer, all seems to be a whirlwind. It moves remarkably well-orchestrated with everyone in motion.

With this kind of schedule, overnight guests are very rare.


5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. Oh, my gosh. I feel so inadequate just reading this hectic, but orchestrated schedule! I’m up early, but spend the first hour on the sofa reading the paper, checking emails, etc. Then, I get in gear and “git ‘er done!”

    • Kona is the smoothest and best coffee in the world, in my estimation. Hard to get a bitter cup of Kona.

      Of the daughters, Deborah is the coffee drinker with a dose of whipping cream. Elizabeth is the hot cocoa drinker, and Tara is the hot tea drinker (Jasmine).

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