Calling On Spring

The robins have been around since late February, waiting for warmer weather in their roosts. The year-round robins, they too, have been patiently waiting on the weather. With the temperatures beginning to average at, or above, seasonal norms, they’ve become more visible.



A few of “our” regular flock have visited for their share of kitty kibble and water on the front porch. And, of course, their visits have excited our feline family members very much.

To hear their songs in the early morning, they bring great pleasure and anticipation that the constancy of warmer days are very near.


4 thoughts on “Calling On Spring

  1. Since I was a tiny girl, I’ve been making a wish on the first Robin I see each spring, a ritual my father passed on to me. Not ONE has come true (actually, same wish every year) but I don’t hold a grudge. 🙂

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