Riding The Wind

They ride the wind, roaming everywhere and anywhere. They may besiege a home. They wait for unsuspecting travelers. Beware the tumbleweed.



This beauty of a tumbleweed was waiting on my driveway one morning, waiting to secure itself under the car for a ride to another location. This particular tumbleweed was probably about two feet in diameter. Not a bad size for a tumbleweed. Waiting over at the grade school playground, a couple blocks away, were its larger brothers, about 3-4 feet in diameter.

The Russian thistle is the primary source of tumbleweeds in North America. A non-native species, the Russian thistle was believed to be imported from continental Asia in the shipments of agricultural seeds, in particular in shipments of flax seeds to South Dakota in the 1870s. More on tumbleweeds can be found here.

While today is quite windy, no tumbleweeds have been sighted. Elsewhere, they were making themselves known.


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