On Hallowed Ground

With a sweeping vista overlooking the Pacific, its quietness and solemnity permeates the grounds. Andrea and I walked the grounds of Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma while in San Diego. The rows upon rows of white gravestones remind you are truly walking among heroes, the final resting place for those from the Mexican-American War (1846) to Iraq and Afghanistan.



We spent an hour visiting our friends, Cherie and David, who are interred here, providing them fresh flowers. We also did the same for another bud, JR, who was also killed in Afghanistan in 2010. To our great delight, we ran into Amy, JR’s wife, who was also bringing fresh flowers for her husband, and Cherie and David.

While it is easy to become saddened of those who were killed in action, the sudden lost of hopes and dreams, particularly of the young guys, they would ask you not to be sad. They died in the company of, and for, their friends and brothers, and would gladly do so again. “Another guy had to get home, to have a long life with his wife and kids.” This is why they are the best of our nation, and deserving of our daily remembrances so very much.



3 thoughts on “On Hallowed Ground

  1. David, such a sad but beautiful and moving post. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friends.
    Yes, they deserve our daily remembrance but it can be so easy sometimes to forget, especially when you don’t know anyone personally who died at war.
    Your photos are so beautiful. The last one is amazingly beautiful.

    • I understand the “disconnectedness” if you don’t know anyone who died at war, and many who were lost in such times would be very understanding of that feeling.

      Very glad you liked the photos. Point Loma, where the national cemetery sits, is on like a bluff or cliff. It gives a very breathtaking view of the entire San Diego area.

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