Sessions IV: In Concert

Last week, Andrea and I returned to San Diego for the release of the “Waiting On Heaven” album recording. After nearly 13 months, it’s a project that reached completion. The album itself features 15 original songs, and is a suiting tribute to Cherie, the composer, who passed away nearly two years ago. Her husband, David, was killed in action in Afghanistan the year before. When the opportunity to participate in this project was offered, Andrea and I accepted without hesitation. There are things you do for certain friends, no questions asked. Easily, Cherie’s sister, Kris, could have asked someone else to be part of this project. While it was a fun project, it was a serious project also. Giving anything less would have been personally disappointing.


The electric moment, though, was the concert on Friday evening at one of the local churches. Cherie’s daughter, Danielle, sang magnificently and so much like her mom. We’re quite sure both of her parents would have been proud of her performance, and the group of musicians and vocalists that made this project come to life. Also, Cherie would have been very grateful for our participation.


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