Icicle Memories

Growing up, icicles were the measure of how cold it was after a snowfall. More icicles hanging from the eaves, the colder it was. With more homes having a gutter system, the sight of icicles are fewer. Yet, they are a part that says winter.




The icicles hanging on the holly bush were the prettiest batch of this winter.




With temperatures back to seasonal norms, these icicles are now a memory of when it was bitter cold.


6 thoughts on “Icicle Memories

    1. Guttercicles, not bad. 😉

      I try to capture the sparkles whenever the sun reflects off the snow cover. Best time is always after sunrise or before sunset when the sun angle is low.

    1. On our local news a few days ago, a kid did precisely what your daughter did in harvesting a large icicle. He ended up taking down half the gutter on the house and some shingles off the roof.

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