Black Ice

The icy road sign was a few miles back. The last status board, many, many more miles behind, wasn’t on. On a rural highway and traffic not seen for miles, awareness of the winter conditions is paramount. Farmhouses are few and far apart.

State Highway 94


Though the road surface did not appear so, it was very icy walking to the centerline amid the swirling snow. My turn onto a snow-covered dirt road was 10-12 miles ahead, in the whitened horizon. The wind, though not strong, made the bitter cold much more colder.

Driving back was slower, much more icier and colder.


About the photo

This was taken before Wednesday noon (Feb 5 2014) on Colorado 94. The last truck I saw was about 45 minutes earlier. Not many cars or trucks are seen on this stretch, much fewer when wintry conditions are present. It is quite rural and open country, with very few dirt road turn-offs.


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  1. We just returned from a trip to McCall, Idaho, from Boise. Everyone said there would be no problem, but no one saw a quick snowstorm coming in unexpectedly! Fortunately we made it both ways, but you never know when you might hit black ice or someone might hit you!!!

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