White Out

This week’s story of winter is fairly straightforward, more snow and more cold. The snow isn’t expected to be much, perhaps in the range of 1-3 inches. In southeastern Colorado, they expect more in the range of 5-8 inches. It’s a Godsend for the ranchers and farmers who work the land there. The story, however, will be the return of the bitter cold temperatures.

The periods of snow we’ll receive over the next few days may become locally heavy, giving the appearance the weather guessers at the National Weather Service and local TV stations missed the forecast.




If there is a positive, the local school districts started on time this morning, and the interstate and main arterials were in good shape. Halfway through winter, it seems we’ve finally adjusted to the snow, ice and cold.


About the photos

  • first photo: looking across the street, towards a distant barn-type outbuilding
  • second photo: looking across the street, in the direction of tall trees on nearby streets
  • third photo: looking towards the end of our street, at the house sitting on the corner


For weather followers

For those who like to follow the weather, AccuWeather has unveiled a new feature called MinuteCast. It is designed to let visitors of the site to have an up-to-the-minute forecast of when precipitation will begin to fall, where they live, where they work, or what may be the case. The new feature has worked nicely, accurately predicting when the snow would begin to fall on our street.


3 thoughts on “White Out

  1. Our son is a Junior at Indiana University. Bloomington has been slammed with snow this winter with weeks of temps in the teens or lower. I just texted him and asked him if he felt like an Eskimo….I’m tempted to ask you the same question!

    • AccuWeather is also starting their own all-weather, all-the-time channel in the spring. Don’t know how many cable systems have signed up. I’ve read DirecTV and Dish Network have been talking to AccuWeather about their channel.

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