Odds & Ends

The “Odd”

Whenever you see a robin, not a feather is out of place. And, is always ready to sing a cheerful song of fine spring weather. On this day, in mid-April 2010, this poor robin was caught in a downpour of a rain/snow mix.


The robin took refuge under the eave of our front porch to wait out the weather. He also began the drying out process by fixing his feathers.


Though he left a bit damp and with ruffled feathers, he returned later that afternoon completely dry and his feathers nicely back in place.


The “&”


The End

For the Denver Broncos, last night’s blowout loss in the Super Bowl was not the ending they hoped for. The regular season records for offensive production seemed to be for naught. Not even the “good luck” display of team colors by our neighbor’s outdoor lighting was of much help.


The lopsided loss undoubtedly disappointed those loyal Bronco fans, they join the fan base of the other 30 NFL teams in the familiar refrain, “next season will be our time.” The fans will likely fret about the “special magic” during the off-season, wondering whether it can made again.


One thought on “Odds & Ends

  1. David, that is possibly the most disheveled bird I’ve every seen. Period. I’m glad he cleaned up nicely…..sort of like Payton Manning. 😉
    I was rooting for the Broncos – I still can’t believe it!!! It reminded me a little bit of the scenes in Harry Potter during a quidditch game when the witches were using sorcery to manipulate the plays. Do you think it’s possible??

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