The Quiet

The quietness of white …

the blanket


the softness


Winter tries not to be the unwanted guest. Yet, the bitter chill betrays its beauty and simplicity.


4 thoughts on “The Quiet

    • I’m glad you liked. Sorry to hear Miss Charlotte didn’t quite work out. We hope she’s able to find her special forever home soon.

  1. Will all this snow help the dryness out west? We keep hearing how drought stricken it is but maybe your neck of the woods not so bad? Meanwhile, stay warm (we’re doing our best over here, too! Lots of spicy home-cooking helps!!!)

    • The drought condition eased a bit after the flooding in September, moving from extreme to severe. The snow levels in the mountains are the most important, regarding the overall watershed, but the snow totals in the lower elevations haven’t been impressive. Only certain parts have received notable amounts while most haven’t.

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