Blue Moon


While it didn’t appear bluish through my camera’s electronic viewfinder, the sensor “saw” it bluish. The likely cause of the bluish cast on last week’s full moon was made by the high-level cloudiness we had that evening (January 15).

Once the clouds moved away, the camera “saw” the moon the way it’s supposed to be …


If you’re a space enthusiast, there’s an opportunity to have your name engraved on a microchip and travel on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to the asteroid Bennu in 2016. The purpose of the robotic mission is to gather a sample of the asteroid and return that sample back to Earth. Your name will make the round trip, and will stay in space onboard the spacecraft in a long-term solar orbit. To submit your name, please visit here. The deadline to submit your name is September 30, 2014. (H/T: Norman Van Treeck)


2 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Thanks for the tip o’ the mouse on the space stuff! Reminds me that I bought one of those star certificates they were selling back in the ol’ days of UHF TV (probably saw ad while watching “Star Trek” reruns!) Wonder what ever happened to my intergalactic “real estate” ? 😉

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