The Look

It’s one of passion and determination. It’s one of absolute love and dedication.

Deborah with her equine champion, Captain Andrew

*     *     *

Lilith, Mr. Ed, Captain Andrew, and Brie performed well at last night’s grand prix event. So much so, they didn’t need much rein management. My daughters’ riding coach, Mark, commanded their attention with his motivational words. Most importantly, he told them to have fun. That they did.


About the photo

Taken in October 2013, my oldest daughter, Deborah, using a Canon FTb 35-mm SLR with Kodak Gold film (ASA 100).


8 thoughts on “The Look

    • They all take a great photo.

      Their riding coach, Mark, was also an Army Ranger before retiring from the military life. When he talks, he can command your attention.

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