“If this was hockey, the referee would have likely called icing.”

On the fringe of the arctic outbreak, it’s been cold enough. Granted, it’s not like the very frigid conditions in the Upper Midwest. After a while, bitter cold is bitter cold. Throw in ice and snow, the cold becomes colder.




Though not a problem on the freeway and main arterials, the five inches of snow we had on Saturday made for some challenging driving on the residential streets. To those featured on “Ice Road Truckers“, they’d probably say our neighborhood streets were not all that bad.



Even the birds need to warm their feathers before taking flight.


On Monday morning, we awoke to temperatures of -10°F/-23°C. Since then, our temperatures have moderated but have missed the overly optimistic forecasts of the weather guessers at the National Weather Service and on the local TV stations. But, that’s what snow on the ground and cloud cover will do for you.

A flight to somewhere warm may be in order …




7 thoughts on “Iced

    • Thanks. The snow and ice is melting away. By Saturday, we should be in the 50’s. The girls are quite bundled up in the mornings when they start their horse riding. By noon, they’re wearing their fleece jacket – still chilly but they’re warm.

      When I heard Atlanta had a morning low of 6, you immediately came to mind on how you and your family was doing with the cold. It doesn’t get that cold your way.

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