Film Flashback: Winter Break

A respite from winter’s cold, snow and ice is always welcomed.




After Christmas 1978, my parents and I rang in the new year (1979) in Honolulu. That particular trip was well timed. It snowed the night before we left, and snowed again while we were away. While “winter” in Hawaii is generally rainy, the week we were there, we had nice weather. My aunt said how fortunate we didn’t have poor weather during our visit. When we came back from our trip, it was back into the cold before the weather moderated back to seasonal norms a few days later.

Having family there (mom’s side) makes it easier to visit there. But as that part of the family is much older, and not knowing the cousins that well, the trip regularity has dropped off considerably. Like many, we’ll settle for a certain TV show that has this locale for a backdrop.

(to view panorama in full size, click here)


About the photos

These photos were taken with the Canon FTb 35mm SLR using Kodacolor film (ASA 200).

The first two photos were taken from the Pali Highway scenic overlook, the third photo may be the North Shore (don’t quite remember if it is), and the fourth photo is a panorama of Honolulu from the grounds of Tripler Army Medical Center.


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    • Thank you.

      My parents don’t get back as often these days, being older. I think the last time was 1993. The last time I went was on a business trip in 1998.

  1. Gorgeous! Any trip to Hawaii is wonderful, even through your wonderful photographs and story. Do you ever watch the new Hawaii 50? Fun to watch even if only to get lost in the scenery!

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