Of Christmas Past

It may be the day after, but like that certain Dickens novel it is now “Christmas Past”. Before putting it away, a few scenes of how it was …








Bella, Andrea’s sister, and her husband Pauly hosted Christmas Day. Unfortunately, the parents opted not to come. Disappointing, a little. But, the menu more than made up for it. A fantastic cook, Bella outdid herself with her offerings of beef and pork tamales, enchiladas, chili rellenos, burritos, and a few sides to round out her platter-sized dinner plates. Again, our dessert was all things chocolate.






The dinner unfolded nicely, much like Thanksgiving, a scant few weeks ago. We did, however, had some leftovers and were sent home with some tamales. Some will be distributed to the absent parents.

Though she’s one for a well-lived in look, Bella also nicely decorated her living room. We teasingly asked where was the rope.


Notes of thanks

  • Our thanks, again, to Bella and Pauly for hosting us.
  • Laurie for all things chocolate.