Christmas On The Street

In years past, Christmas lights in our neighborhood were many and bright. This year, not so much. It’s likely the bitter cold we had earlier this month altered the plans of those wanting to decorate the outside of their homes. A few homes have done their normal Christmas lights, but not to a great degree. Unfortunately, a few burglaries and home invasions, elsewhere and in our subdivision, have discouraged taking in the lights. It is a shame considering some have put in many hours into stringing their lights and erecting displays to show their Christmas spirit. And, if you were to walk around and take a few photos of the lights, law enforcement may (or likely) show up to ask pointed questions.

From the front porch and yard, there is a decent view of those who chose to light their homes on our street.

the simple approach, lights on my house and lighted wreath


the neighbor across the street


at the end of the block


blue light special, with Santa and the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ on the roof


the Gingerbread man?


blurred lights of the Christmas tree in the window


For those that like streaks and blurs …






Though our street is modestly decorated, the Christmas season does not require an elaborate array of lights and displays to convey its meaning.


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