A Northern Flicker Visits



Since first seeing this kind of feathered one in the early 1990s, the Northern Flicker has been a steady visitor. A member of the woodpecker family, they are a year round visitor throughout most of the United States. In Southern California and West Texas, the Northern Flickers can be found wintering over. In Canada, they’re seen during the summer breeding months.

When they fly, you’ll see a flash of red on the underside of their wings, and in their tail feathers. This is indicative of the Northern Flicker population in the western states. More often, a flicker will be found on the ground in search for ants and beetles. Though we’re pretty much into the winter season, ants can still be found on the ground during the warmer hours of the day.



Before flying away, this flicker made time for a formal portrait.


If you’re wondering, this particular flicker is likely a lady. The red markings on the head is not as bright as found on an adult male.


For more information on the Northern Flicker, please read here.


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  1. It is such a beautiful bird. Every summer I have one in a little wooded area next to my home. Beautiful photos David !

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