Snow Roads

With the bitter cold relenting today, many of the residential streets in the neighborhood have cleared nicely. It’s making for scenes of snow and ice covered streets a distant memory. And, making the need to take curves, like at the end of our block, less of a problem.


On the less-traveled roads, the snow and ice will continue to linger until it is warmer and the shadows are fewer. This particular road, on the JN Ranch, likely won’t be free of it until we have a serious warm-up and becomes a muddy mess.


About the photos

The first photo was taken at “large-dog eye level”. It gives a different perspective of the curve as opposed to standing up, or sitting high in an SUV.

The second photo was taken by Amanda at the JN Ranch, on a secondary access road leading onto the ranch property. Whenever they have snow cover, certain portions of the ranch has ground fog which lingers until mid-morning. On the main access road, seen in the previous post, ground fog is not encountered too often.


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