It’s Gotcha Day here.

Two years ago, today, we adopted Miss Susie and Miss Pinky from Colorado 9 Lives. They were the last two kittens from a litter that was rescued with their mom cat in April 2011. They had taken up residence in the old commissary at Peterson AFB, which was being prepared for demolition. One of the construction workers heard some meowing coming from a “pit”. There, he discovered a mom cat with her litter of five kittens. One by one, the construction worker and a few other workers lifted mom and the kittens out of the pit, placing them in a large box. An avid cat-lover, the construction worker took home the rescued family. Knowing he couldn’t keep them all, he contacted 9 Lives to help them find good homes. The construction worker kept the mom cat and two kittens.

While the intention was to adopt Miss Susie alone, we asked if she had a littermate or another foster that she played with on an everyday basis. If there was, we would take the littermate (or other kitty) also. It would certainly help with the transition into our home.

When we brought them home, Egypt and the Musketeers were very interested. Having kittens meet adult cats, however, required a measured introduction.


That introduction, and their integration into the household didn’t take long. The hissing was minimal. Within two days, they were fully accepted by Egypt and the Musketeers. It was like they always belonged. And, they didn’t mind having their pictures taken.

baby kitten Pinky


baby kitten Susie


quickly learning to cat watch


After two years of playing and romping together, and with Egypt and the Musketeers, the fun continues on.

Pinky helping make the bed


an inquisitive Pinky


Susie on the search


Susie blue eyes


Pinky and Susie taking a play break


We would like to thank everyone at 9 Lives in keeping them safe until we could bring them home, where they belong.



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  1. Once again you speak, and photograph, “cat” so beautifully! I sent you an email…the cat photo is now safe- had ended up in spam catcher- good grief!! Many, many thanks for sharing… Christine

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